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Alex. Calling me SG2 for OOC stuff is fine too. Freelance artist and general art and graphics hobbyist. I like my animu and mangoes, if you couldn't tell. My video games are my children. Also I like cats.

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Tim is currently working on his bio in the meantime enjoy some placeholder words like this and that and the other one and oh that's a pretty cool word too words words words words words

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My name is Julia, though you're welcome to call me Iris OOC if you'd like. When I'm not roleplaying I like to read, make jewelry, and eat chocolate.

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Atlas Techno Hipster 5/6/2014 11
Azaran Sub-Account: LG 5/10/2014 22
BlackFenix Open Sourcerer 5/10/2014 3
Bracken Sub-Account: SG2 8/12/2014 17
Bradios His Neutralness 5/2/2014 42
cMoneyBitz Fledgling 6/5/2016 0
Cyber Fledgling 5/16/2017 0
Esjitu Administrator 4/4/2014 381
For3pH4Rks Fledgling 9/28/2017 0
Garathor Fledgling 1/29/2016 5
Generic NPC Fledgling 5/22/2014 10
Hamel The Mad Violinist 5/10/2014 84
Iris Feisty Fairy 5/22/2014 263
JBSkel Fledgling 4/16/2015 3
Karma Witch of Uncertainty 5/7/2014 208
L0nAt1981Y Fledgling 1/29/2017 0
Lemmy Mermaid Prince 12/7/2014 12
littlegoten Gaylian Hero 5/2/2014 118
MrBones Konungur af Heimsveldi 5/2/2014 187
MTS Big Boobs McGee 6/9/2014 38
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