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 [Profile] Tru
 Posted: Jan 7 2015, 08:37 PM
Sub-Account: Bradios

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"Im Not a Geyfaec!!" --Tru, in denial

Human // 14 // Male
Fire // IGNO City // Low Chaos
Height: 5 feet 2 inches | 157.48 cm

Weight: 115 lbs | 52.16 kg

Figure/Build: Being that Tru is still growing he has a skinny body but it is muscular for a kid his age.

Hair: Messy and purple

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Light

Tru sometimes wears a 'scanner' device on his face for school.

Since he is young and still going through puberty, Tru's appearance is expected to still change. He has already become a bit more mature-looking than he did when he was originally created, when he looked like this:


He hasn't outgrown his fashion taste for bright lime green colors yet...

Job: Student in middle school at IGNO University's campus

Favorite Color: Lime green

Personality: Angry and sassy. Tru has felt all his life that he was unloved and abandoned by his only remaining family, Ten. Due to this feelings other than anger are hard for him to understand, but he is the type of person that can fake looking happy to try to avoid some trouble in school.

Tru is still growing and learning about his sexuality, but is a bit conflicted with it. More likely than not due to past experiences he is gay, but he is in denial about being what he refers to as a 'geyfaec' (translation: 'gayface'). Homosexuality is not persecuted in IGNOLand but Tru feels like he is different when most of his friends like girls, so he tries to keep this side of himself hidden from most people.


Tru has lived a hard life of his parents dying when he was at a young age. Then his twin brother Ten got adopted out of the orphanage way before he ever did. Because of the young age Tru always assumed that Ten chose to be adopted and never wanted to be around him. This has lead Tru to become angry.

Though Tru has a good family life now living with his two moms in IGNO City he is still a bitter and angry person. He can loosen up a bit when he is around friends at school but he doesn't really consider anyone to be a true friend to him. He has recently begun apprenticing under Bradios and learning to control his elemental powers, so he sometimes hangs out at Bradios Banks.


Tru and his brother Ten were both born as inside jokes who developed personalities (and names) later on. Tru started as a 'noob' character played by littlegoten called UTTF4L who wrote bad DBZ fanfiction. Later on he began appearing in IRC as a joke character when LG wanted someone to bully and dunk in his acid. Finally it was decided that he and his brother should become true characters and so he was given the name 'Tru', and his brother 'Ten', to reference the fact that they were first created on a forum for discussing TruTen (Trunks and Goten from DBZ). Now Tru has retained his sassy and naïve nature and noob tendencies and will Sometimes Type Like This in reference to his original creation but has begun to overcome these setbacks and grow into a true character.

Tru was originally played by LG but has since been handed over to Bradios to control.

Skills: Tru is very athletic and for a human he is pretty fast. He enjoys soccer and football. He also seems to take a liking to swimming for some odd reason even though he is a fire element. It's not known how but he can somehow survive being dunked in acid...

Weaknesses: Being a human with no proper training (yet), Tru is quite weak and could die from simple attacks that might not hurt the other IGNOites. That being said he seems to have a very quick recovery time.

Weapon/Combat Power of Choice: Tru has recently been given a gauntlet to amplify and help him use his fire powers. He fights in an all-out street type fashion and is very reckless. He has begun to train under Bradios to learn to use his gauntlet and to fight with more control but he is still young and careless.

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