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Posted by: Princess Kaylin Feb 18 2016, 05:52 PM
Princess Kaylin

"Hey, how come no one lets the cheerleader help!?"

Human // 28 // Female
Earth // Oddtopia // Chaotic Neutral

Race: Human

Age: 28

Occupation: Princess (Daughter to King Richard and Queen Margarette of Oddtopia)

Height: 5"7'

Weight: 116 lbs

Build: Athletic (Cheerleader hourglass type)

Hairstyle: Long straight hair down to her back just below the shoulders.

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Skin: Semi-Pale skin from hiding in costumes and inside buildings

Outfits: Fit Dresses / Skirts

Typical Scent:Lilies

Theme Song:

Job: Diplomat

Favorite Color: Pink

Personality: Kaylin is a sarcastic, sassy, cheerful, naive, curious girl who is overprotective and loyal to friends, family, and life. She has lived a sheltered live but she made lots of friends who were from all types of life from the high end like her to the homeless. She tended to have to rely on her friends and family a lot since she would not only help many but attract trouble due to how she talked, dressed, and who she was. She was very big into theater and even designed her masks that let her hide in plane sight. Her major issues is that she is very afraid of spiders and bugs along with too much of a martyr type getting involved and sacrificing too much including her own freedom, life, and belongings to protect what is right and just along with the underdog.....she also is semi weak to a pretty face and tends to give chances too much to others that wronged her multiple times before she cuts off contacts from them.

Kaylin also is usually trying to put on a smile and look at the brighter side of things. She does have some medical experience from her college classes but she lacks the confidence to do anything unless it is coming down to the last minutes. She does flirt a tad much but is naive and gullible not learning from previous mistakes of liars and tricksters luring her into difficult situations.

Kaylin does get annoyed at times by people bullying each other or insulting her calling her dumb because of being a cheerleader but that does not stop her from putting on a smile and trying to change the subject. she would never abandon a group even if she needs to escape and come back with extra help and supplies.

Now lets get to some in character introduction.....

*coughs* Narrator Voice *Coughs*

In a long distance land of ODD-TOPIA there was a beautiful maiden who ran the land under the rule of her crazy ruling parents.....she would put on masks to disguise her inner beauty as a hideous and disgusting beast known only as ODD!!!!!!!!!!!....The panning view you see looks like a stolen picture from a modern city's center on oogle Maps but in reality it sadly is ....yup not going to pull your damn leg here...its a google map photo but that is what it would be is more of a modern medieval feel with tech...lets just go with that....but back to the story....

Princess Kaylin would hang around with Wizard Lab Tech Cory who often showed her ways of acting through various role play games or would aid her in tech to be able to sneak out of the kingdom to enjoy herself and explore. He of course tagged along with the side kick dog Freedom, Guard of the royal family. One of the inventions he trusted her with was created by finding ways to make small minor portals and pacts with demons from various dimensions....these were called MASKS....Massive Attitude Super Katabolic Sprites. Many of them were not bad but a few had to be kept in check. She traveled various lands with this group hidden under masks until one night a few years after her teenage years, she ran into the IGNO, If GT Never least she thought it meant that. She ran into SG2 wearing Odd.....a chaotic good prankster demon that insisted on having fun and chatting with well anyone. She heard they were at this place called shitsburg and it was an academy of sorts so she figured why not try it what could go wrong. The princess would soon realize what it was to lose many things.

.So under the disguise of Odd, The gentle chaotic Italian prince, She went off to Shitsburg. Shitsburg is a strange city inside a pit where the residents build the buildings and structures out of shit dumped by giants that use to live there....surprisingly it is very solid and strong for some other creatures feces. When she met up under disguise again with SG2 she heard a different meaning of IGNO. She found out this was a different dimension and IGNO stood for Insanity Goes Nearly Overboard. The princess soon learned how bad dimension travel could be just from the small hints of differences.

There she learned how evil college departments can be seeing Education, nursing, and Business thrive while Theater, Film, and History plummeted into the sidewalk and pulled people left and right to steal an extra buck or shall we say fortunes. The pirates that ran that ship did help many but did harm many to the point where Kaylin could not stand it and started making propoganda films, speaking for what was wrong and literally dancing around in demonic masks and costumes..She also found a portal to IGNOland and posed as Odd there as well helping test mafia wars and cause chaos here and there from mortal combat to the king of burgers...Those years made her very bitter and with the death of her grandfather from the cancer demon...she became more of a snobby winchester similar to dean and drank her issues away in one fell swoop making many see a true gritty side of her cranky ass with the anger and verbal abuse she bottled up.

Princess Kaylin got into a very bad situation which triggered a few hidden allies sent from her family to protect her to reveal themselves.....This also made various assassins realize they had a chance to off an heir to oddtopia. A huge battle of shadows began and when Kaylin realized what terror she brought to this dimension, she tried to use the mask that allowed her to travel...Unicorn Demon mask Susie to aid her in escaping....the issue was...she forgot to feed it. She woke up with the mask rejecting her and actually blacking her out with sheer screams. The mask claimed a new host of one of the surviving assassins and attempted to ram through Kaylin in one full charge. She mutated the body into an almost centaur like shape while the head remained of the unicorn and the arms turned into monstrous claws of the dreaded scorpion giant. The princess would scream raising her arms expecting the worst but would open them to see blood covering her and the holy knight Freedom standing in front of her. He may have been a dog race but he was loyal to the end. He raised his machette and chopped several times at the unicorn demon severing her from the body she infected and latched onto. He then bit his teeth into her eyes making Sussie unable to see and removed the tongue before collapsing into his own blood. The knight looked at the princess and muttered, "She is just dormant in a death state.....keep her away from anyone who would know how to resurrect such a demonic spirit."

Now now I know this sounds like a sad tale....I mean she lost contact with many friends, family, and well some assholes that she has now blocked on the book of faces, phones, and even the dreaded tube of you but she has risen up. She went to the all mighty powerful OZ ....his name was mr. really it was his name and he was a *cough* councilor *cough* Wise old man or we can claim wizard....he set her in her ways and showed her the path to happiness...she went off shouting to the hills *cough* Nope she just told her friends, the internet, her inner family and a few close close relatives... *cough*

Now she ventures off trapped in this mystical land known as IGNO....its a scary place since now removing her mask she is letting her feelings flow but that will not stop her from trying damn it.....Put happy intro tune here and lets roll this shit.

Skills: Martial Arts, Stealth, Cheerleading, Running, medicine, First Aid, Bokken, Bo Staff, Costume design, monster suit making, Mask making, disguises, acting

Weaknesses: Curiosity, Gullible, Weak Bones, Diabetic, Arachnophobia, Terrified of bugs, pacifist minor, naive

Weapon/Combat Power of Choice: She uses her masks along with various other disguises to trick her opponents. She also is the cheerleader and negotiator of her friends which makes it a bit hard for her to start fights...It takes someone bullying someone else for her to try and stand against them. She will only lift a fist if they strike someone else or endanger her or others lives...if it is just a fist fight or just shouting she lets them use her as a punching bag. She will physically restrain someone if they go too far or push her to her limit.

Powers: Uses Masks (Magic Girl disguises)

Guy Fox Mask: Fast at digging and hitting with a frying pan only

Hockey Mask: Very Fast with a baseball bat along with a bag full of hockey sticks, golf clubs, and batons

Blue Fabric Mask: Tight Blue tube dress with elixirs...think utility belt of glues, potions, and smoke....very ninja like

Yellow Hair band: A cheerleader outfit and able to boost her friends...also hinders her because enemies could get boosts too if they dont listen to her cheering and more look at her cheering.

No Mask: She doesn't know how to use her earth powers...but she is trained in first aid and medicine along with being very charismatic lifting up spirits when in a good mood.

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Posted by: Princess Kaylin Feb 19 2016, 02:07 AM
Okay submitted...might change the history a bit when i have more time but I gotta get up in 5 hours for work.

Posted by: Princess Kaylin Feb 22 2016, 09:38 AM
put in the final edit of the story so the profile is ready for review

Posted by: Princess Kaylin Feb 23 2016, 09:30 PM
Final edit complete....time for the acceptance or garbage shoot

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