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 [NATION] Bradios' Banks, A Home for all Mechanical Beings
 Posted: May 23 2014, 09:12 AM
His Neutralness

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Metal Lіghtning

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Brady or Brad
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Nation's Name: Bradios Banks

Ruler: Bradios

Title As Ruler: His Neutralness

Ruling Style: Fair, Impartial and Balanced (Neutral)

Alignment: It all depends (True Neutral)

Power Estimate: As it floats above the skies of IGNOLand and is ruled by a person designated as an "unknown" for loyalty by the hierarchy, it holds a small amount of power when compared to other Nations.

Geography/Landmass Description: Mainly comprised of the giant mountain that started off as a simple base of operations by the Cyborg who lives in it. Bradios' Banks quickly became a floating military-esque battle station as well as a home for the cyborg.

Floating above the continent of IGNOLand at an altitude of 8,000 ft with the use of advanced anti-gravitational technology, it contains two radio-controlled canons, which are controlled in the mountain base, in-case of any outbreaks of war or other conflicts within the surface of the island, hidden from plain sight.

Its residents are usually the robotic helpers whom are created by Bradios, whom builds them to help maintain his body, work and repair weapons, keep track in the military base and tend to the islands other areas. But as of recently, it has become a safe haven for any Neutrals to gather in.

  • The Mountain Base:
    As stated prior the mountain is, on the surface, a large living area for the cyborg who inhabits it and his robotic compadres, but delving deeper into the insides of the base reveals a much more advanced base of operations, with many floors dedicated to labs building and repairing robots, weapons and other bits of machinery.

    The lowest floor is underground, which is a military base of operations which keeps track over IGNOLand for any kind of "suspicious behavior", keeping tags on the people who inhabit the land and acts as a 24/7 alarm (since the robots who maintain it don't need to power down) in case of emergencies to the banks or the land it came from.

  • "The Road"/Entrance:
    At the entrance to the Banks there is a giant gate that opens up to anyone whom is given the okay, DNA-tracked so that no intruders may enter without permission beforehand. Once they enter, a large trek through the forest awaits them, cleared of any dangers (that aren't already placed by the ruler beforehand), it is a scenic view for those who enter, allowing them to take in the wonders that the banks has to offer that most nations do not.
  • The Neutral Colony:
    As the Neutral way of life has spread to the civilians of IGNOLand, any who feel they are being persecuted because of it may choose to seek a form of refuge on the banks, the cottages are attended to cater for any needs the people who inhabit it may need, allowing for Neutrals of all kinds to stay as long as they need.
Imports/Exports: The main export of the Banks is the supply of IGNOLand's Technology and adding to the weaponry, allowing for any person to gain access to the basic technology that is created up on the isle

Population: 400+ Robotic Beings, ~70 Neutrals (and counting)

Racial Majority: Androids, Robots and Cyborgs

Currency: While Metal is exchanged as a form of "exchange currency", much like other Nations, Kok is used.
 Posted: May 23 2014, 12:07 PM

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Fire Earth

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I have two questions that may be worth expanding on:

A) how does one enter the Banks, once they have permission? Is there a transporter from the mainland for those who can't fly (or even those who can fly but can't reach 8,000 feet)? I realize that there would need to be various safeguards in place to prevent unwanted intruders from entering (especially if it's a safe haven for Neutrals who may be branded as enemies of the state by the Fuhrer), but there needs to be a reasonable means for those who have been granted permission to get there.

B) you mention a base of operations underground and the first thing that comes to my mind is digging too deep and plunging 8,000 feet from the sky into the bay below with next to no chance of survival. I suppose it wouldn't amount to many lives lost if a lot of the workers are just androids and drones, but it's worth considering how big the overall landmass is, and how deep you can actually dig underground on a floating chunk of land.

Also I think I need to tweak/retcon everything that lists Australia as the Neutral base, since I think I got a few wires crossed in the transition from 'gnome conspirators' to 'filthy neutrals'. Australia has yet to be conquered by the Fuhrer, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's Neutral, and it really couldn't be if you had a reason to defect from it. So we can officially consider the Banks as the Neutral base of operations?
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