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 Phantom Blue
 Posted: Mar 12 2015, 01:08 PM
Sub-Account: XEN

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Julian Jarvis

"Cash is just a necessary evil, sweetie. I take what I need,
when I need, from corrupt business folk and other baddies."

Human // 19 // Male
Lightning // IGNO City // Neutral Chaos
Height: 5'10"

Weight: 175 lb

Figure/Build: He has a swimmer's body - lean muscle everywhere, with not too much fat. He tends to hide this with baggy clothing.

Hair: Shaggy long black hair, goes down to his neck

Eyes: Storm-cloud grey, sometimes seems to spark with blue lightning when emotional.

Skin: Very slightly tan


Job: College Student at IGNO U and Peach Out Homeslices worker by day; vigilante thief by night

By day, Julian is a introverted Compsci major at IGNO U who also works part time at Peach Out Homeslices. By night, he becomes Phantom Blue, a vigilante thief who steals from the corrupt rich and distributes it among the poor.

Favorite Color: Blue, Yellow, shades of grays, and Black

Personality: Julian is a little - scratch that - VERY introverted. He doesn't talk to others when there's no need to talk to them. Small talk will only earn silence in return. So, it's no surprise that this guy can be a loner when not forced to be in a conversation, or when taking orders (*cough*fromEsjitu*cough*). However, that doesn't mean he's a soulless jackass. He does listen when nobody thinks he is, and he is understanding.

It's really only when he's around those he considers friends do some of his true self come out. He, at heart, is a man of few words, and he shows most of his emotions through his body and actions. When he does talk, it would be best to listen up. And, yes, he does have a sense of humor, however dry and sarcastic it may be.

As Phantom Blue, however, he does a complete 180 in his personality. Trash-talking when things get tough, being a charming jackass when he gets the chance... It's like he's a new guy whenever he dons that visor.

However, the one thing that doesn't change his his rage. Normally, he is as calm as calm can be. But, mention something like his dead parents or orphans in a less-than-kind way, and he... He will, for a lack of a better term, fuck you up. And no, not by the "beat the ever-loving crap out of you" way. It's more of a "say goodbye to your life as you know it" way. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and he will serve it up 'til your stomach pops.

His kindness is also something that doesn't change. He believes in second chances, but after that, it's good game. He will also give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Born into a decent family, Julian Silva was pretty much your ordinary kid. That is, until a bunch of baddies came and screwed his life up at the age of seven. He managed to hide from them, but his parents paid the price. He lost almost everything that day, and was sent to an orphanage with what little things he could salvage from his ruined home.

During that time in the orphanage, he learned quickly that life there wasn't easy. He had to steal and scavenge to get enough food to not starve, both for him and the other orphans. He seemed to have an almost natural ability for leadership, as he managed to rally many of his aged kids and those younger than him to rise up against the leadership of the few older ones there. He was quickly named the unofficial leader of the group of kids.

From there, he went to help the younger kids out by teaching them the art of stealing, as well as responsibility. At age 9, he happened upon a thrown out copy of a beginner's coding book, and was instantly hooked. He managed to steal a decent computer set-up, and began practicing. By the time he was 12, he transferred his status as leader to another kid, and devoted all his time to coding and tinkering. In fact, this little thing was what got him to be adopted by a rather wealthy family with ties to the R&D sector of IGNO City, making him Julian Jarvis now.

So, for the next six years, he lived in the good life, and honed his coding and tinkering to the point of reverse engineering some of the older models of things like weapons and software. His first debut as Phantom Blue came during his last year of high school. The same baddies that went and killed his parents went to the school, demanding for Julian. So, out of sheer anger and courage, he grabbed a bunch of random things from the prop room he was in, and dressed up before going to confront them.

He managed to pick them off one by one, but felt rather hollow about it. He killed the killers, so why wasn't he happy? Why was he even more torn up inside? It was when he heard his peers chatter about the "mysterious blue phantom", that he decided to give crime fighting a go.

It didn't exactly go over too well. He was very close to being killed the first time he did it, and was shunned by many as a villain. So, he came up with a compromise. He'll have to do justice by doing what he does best: stealing. Through months of coding and crafting, he had made the prototype of what would be his iconic blue visor. By the time he was in his first few weeks in college, he got a new outfit and some gear, and pulled off his first heist. It was a nice success.

And thus, Phantom Blue was born.

Skills: Julian, though he doesn't really look it, is quite the techie. Coding is his favorite pastime, as is inventing. In fact, he designed all the tech he uses as Phantom Blue. This tech is also what's used to help him manipulate his element better.

Hacking is something Julian is slowly, but surely grasping. While he is far from being a master hacker, he can do enough to get by with what he does.

His early life also led him to take up parkouring, which helped him on more than one occasion. Also, due to lugging around all the equipment he has, he has a decent amount of strength (for a human) and pretty good stamina and endurance.

Weaknesses: He is a glass cannon. Without his tech, he's really just a regular (albeit nimble and fast) dude with slight control over his element. He's not very tolerable to pain, and can be quick to anger if a touchy subject is brought up.

Weapon/Combat Power of Choice: His main arsenal consists of an arm brace that's pretty much his utility belt. It holds mainly disorienting ammo, such as flash balls, smoke balls, etc. It also holds two grappling hooks, and a short blade that can jut out from the top of his hand. Said short blade acts as a conduit for his inner Lightning, letting the blade grow in length to a more effective size. The thing itself is super sturdy, and the mechanics can only be used by a Lightning element being (takes a bit of practice though).

The futuristic-looking sword, on the other hand, is the weapon he uses when he needs more serious fire power. It, like the bracer, helps Julian use his inner Lightning. It has a compact form, which can act as a make-shift shield (better with lightning used), and a rail-gun form, making it able to fire more serious shots of lightning when needed. It is made of an alloy using some of the hardest metals known to IGNOLand. Like the brace, its different modes can only be brought out by a Lightning element being.

His visor, however, is what keeps his identity a secret, and what strikes the fear into his enemies. It holds many different types of sight augmentations such as night vision, x-ray, thermal vision, etc. He can upload maps of the area, check his status, as well as the status of his weapons, and use it as a phone, among other things. It's basically like a video game HUD in his face, or like Ironman's AI system, without the voice. Like the other weapons, only a Lightning element being can use it (with a HELL lot of practice).

And though not shown on this avatar, while he is not in his vigilante persona, Phantom Blue, he wears glasses that act much like his visor, only with less functions. It's basically a tablet in glasses form, really.

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