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 [Nation] Knochenstadt
 Posted: Jun 3 2014, 11:37 PM
Konungur af Heimsveldi

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Nation's Name: Knochenstadt

Ruler: Mr Bones, RULER OF THE PLANET ________________ (idk what the name of the planet is but you know whose voice your read this in)

Title As Ruler: Der Fuhrer

Ruling Style: Benevolent Dictator with a sexy learning disability, what do I call it SG2?

Alignment: I hate these filthy Neutrals, SG2. With enemies you know where they stand but with Neutrals, who knows? It sickens me.

Power Estimate: When it cmes down to it Knochenstadt is one of the top in IGNOLand and in order to unseat Bones, not only must you topple Knochenstadt as well as Castle Bones and the other major allied nations

Geography/Landmass Description: Knochenstadt is a city built with piracy in mind it has 2 sections separated by water, an outer residential area and and a central island known as the Boneyard where minions go to work doing Bones' bidding and IGNOLand dignitaries stay on visits, Bones has a vacation home here and also a habitat for his narwhals. the architecture is constructed of bone and thatched roofs, it creatws an imposing image to outsiders, but a fun time can be had for all who BOW DOWN TO MY IRON FIST FLUFFY HUGS!

  • Marrow Manor
    Bones' vacation home and former primary residence, Cranial Castle, is located here. protected at all times the staff live inservants quarters on the grounds and only those trusted by Bones are allowed access
  • Cervical Chateaus
    Seven luxurious guest homes near Marrow Manor for IGNOLand Dignitaries to stay as guests of Bones
  • Thoracic Tower
    a 12 story building housing offices for Bones' bidding as well as his treasuries
  • The Lumbar Yard
    the culinary center of Knochenstadt, it's located in the center of the boneyard, a building containing 5 different restaurants
  • Sacral Sea
    the home of the narwhals, formed by draining 5 uninhabited ponds, fusing them, deepening them and filling them with seawater, it is adjacent to Pelvic Pier where the ships visiting Knochenstadt, are docked,
  • Coccygeal Cove
    its home to 4 seedy bars and low end restaurants where pirates can come eat and drink while ashore and where locals go for live entertainment
Imports/Exports: due to strategic importance Bones has declared that the imports and exports are privy to those with authority in Bones' pantry and those he hooses to reveal in moments of whimsy

Population: the population is moderately high, though Bones doesn't have an exat count on his person you can find a leprechaun who can givea fairly accurate count. Bones estimates it to be 25-35% of the population of IGNO City

Racial Majority: There isn't a majority so much as a plurality, its 35% leprechaun 20% Pirate and the rest are various others who have decided to move in

Currency Meat of any variety arre accepted as currency as well as all forms of global currency, tough local merchants wil only accept kok and blood at the exact wxchange rate as they can more easily be exchanged due to alliances and proximity to the nations that se them as primary currency
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