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 Garathor Goldenale, (App)
 Posted: Jan 29 2016, 02:38 PM

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Mountain Dwarf
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Earth N/A

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Garathor Goldenale

"Does a wee ol' dwarf scare yee?"

Mountain Dwarf // 32 // Male
Earth // Centaur City // Neutral Balance
Garathor is a buff and stout man. He carries a bold figure that tells everyone he is one serious guy, that is, if he wasn't so short. He stands at 3"2 and still looks proud. He is usually seen wearing his bartender uniform no matter where he is. His skin is tanned from his ventures to get plants for his hearty brews, and his eyes are brown as the dirt roads you walk on.
Garathor is always straight forward with you, if you did some things he may not have agreed with, he will not hesitate to tell you that you did things that are indeed wrong. He is bold with what he says, but you can be sure anything he says is the truth and only the truth. Him being a bartender means he acts like one, he listens to you and tries to give the best advice he can. Even when that advice is just "Get drunk and don't worry about tomorrow.". Although he tries his hardest when he needs to do something, he hardly accepts help especially when he needs it, he thinks if he can't do it himself. He may as well just give up.
Garathor's life hasn't been very eventful at all, he was born into a long line of Ale Masters. Because of this he decided to learn from his father the tricks of the trade, he started with juices and when he became old enough he started playing around with different types of ales and brews. His father taught him what tastes mixed, what roots and plants were used in the brews, and how much it will take to get him drunk. So there he worked inside an inn for most of his life, and when his folks died off he took over the place. But lately his little place has been without a customer for a while and the place was just empty, night and day all he saw was empty tables. But then! On a trip to gather plants for this weeks brew, he hear things come up around him. Was it more than one? Was it just a stray cat? When the rumblings around him stopped, then he looked down. A little book was just on the floor and it had a map that led to somewhere he never knew, he came back to the bar and studied what the book said and wondered "Why would those rumblings give this to me?". He looked out on his empty tavern, he looked at the book once again. There was nothing here he would miss. He took all the important things with him. Ale Master Degree, 3 books about brew mixing, a picture of his mother and father, all the money he had, and extra uniforms. So he ventured to the place called Ignoland, and there he saw majestic creatures in a place called "Centaur City", he had heard stories from his mother about these types of creatures. But never in his wildest dreams would he thing he would find them to be real! He knew he could never leave such a fantastic place, so he went ahead and spent his cash on a building here, fixed it up, and Garathor's Brews was born.
Being taught by his father about Ales and Brews, Garathor knows his stuff when it comes to gettings drunk off yer' arse. He often uses his element to aid him in finding roots and plants to give special flavors to his brews. But in a fight, he wont last long. Sure he might be able to take a few hits, but when it comes to hitting the other guy. He might as well be trying to cut water. With the height he is at right now, he often needs to use ladders and stacked boxes to help him reach things.
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