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Posted by: Ten Jan 7 2015, 09:20 PM

"Senpaaaaai!!" --Ten, to Azaran, constantly

Human // 14 // Male
Water // IGNO City // Neutral Balance
Height: 5' 1''

Weight: 105 lbs

Figure/Build: Short and slender. Is just at the onset of puberty and hasn't filled out yet, though he has bulked up a little since he began training with littlegoten.

Hair: Turquoise and a bit long in the back. He currently keeps it straight and relatively neat. Before his trip to The Outback it was short and curly/wavy.

Eyes: Green

Skin: Fair

Ten sometimes wears a 'scanner' device on his face for school.

Since he is young and still going through puberty, Ten's appearance is expected to still change. He has already become a bit more mature-looking than he did when he was originally created, when he looked like this:

user posted image

He really likes wearing pink clothing.

Job: Student in middle school at IGNO University's campus

Favorite Color: Pink

Personality: Ten is generally calm and collected in most situations. He can sometimes be quiet and timid, and is much more of a follower than a leader in life. While he finds it difficult to make friends, if he does find someone he can call a friend he will attach to them and never let go, to the point of being annoyingly clingy (just ask Azaran). In general he has an upbeat attitude and really enjoys learning (though his grades are average and he does struggle in many subjects). His interests are average for a boy his age, though he doesn't care for sports and physical activity as much as he enjoys watching foreign cartoons and writing his own stories to share with others on the internet.

While he loves to learn, Ten has hated going to school ever since his family transferred him to IGNO U's middle school campus, where he is often bullied. Things have improved somewhat since he went on his foreign exchange homestay in The Outback, mostly because he has matured and doesn't respond as much to the bullies' provocations. Still, Ten prefers going down to the lake in the park and feeding the ducks more than hanging out with friends his own age - since, aside from Azaran, he has none. His only other kinda-friends are a talking tiger and an extremely famous adult man, but one could argue as to whether or not this is healthy...

Though he is still young and learning about his sexuality, Ten identifies as gay. This isn't simply because he felt close to Azaran in particular - Ten has been attracted to boys for many years, though it wasn't until he approached the age of puberty that he began to understand what those feelings meant. Since homosexuality in IGNOLand is commonplace and not particularly discriminated against, this shouldn't pose much of a problem for his life. However, Ten is still a bit embarassed about his feelings, and is only 'out' among a handful of his closest 'friends'.

Ten used to have a speech impediment (rendered as him Typing Liek A N00B All The Tiem, see the OOC notes in the 'History' section) but through his tutoring with Azaran he has almost completely overcome this. Expect it to continue to crop up in flashback scenarios.

Ten grew up in an orphanage with his twin brother, Tru. When the boys were the age of 7, Ten was taken by a foster family - however, Tru was left behind. Ten was passed around between many foster families between the ages of 7 and 11, and while there were one or two less-than-adequate homes (overcrowded with too many foster children, and neglectful parents, though nothing worse than that), he was never there very long, and the majority of the families he lived with were perfectly wonderful. All the same, the constant switching of families and moving to new towns took its toll on the boy. Finally, when he was 11, Ten was adopted by a permanent home where he has lived happily ever since in the IGNO City suburbs. Now Ten attends the middle school branch at the nearby IGNO University campus, which is where he met Azaran...and reunited with his long-lost twin brother.

Ten and his brother Tru were very close before they were separated, but things have changed in the years they've been away from each other. Though both had been overjoyed to meet again all these years later by coincidentally attending the same school, that affection quickly cooled as Tru revealed he still resented Ten for being taken away from the orphanage and leaving him there alone. Apparently Tru's childhood was not as happy as Ten's, and even though Tru had finally been adopted by a loving family of his own he could not work past those issues quite so easily. The two are now at odds and have been known to get into fights when they come across each other. This has lessened a bit over time, but they are still not as close as they had been back then.

Besides Tru, Ten's other notable relationship is with Azaran. After more than a few failing grades, Ten's parents set him up with an afterschool tutor to prevent him from being held back a grade and becoming even more ostracized by his peers. At first, Ten hated the idea of having to work with a tutor (associating all kids his age as bullies), and Azaran was no less annoyed to work with an annoying kid like Ten. However, seeing how badly Ten was being bullied set Azaran off, as the sort of person who despises watching the strong take advantage of the weak. At first, he began protecting Ten from his bullies, but quickly realized that this was teaching the boy nothing but how to cling to his leg and cry 'senpai' all the tine. So, in addition to the educational tutoring, Azaran decided that the boy needed to be taught self-defense and learn to stand up for himself. Over time through this tutoring and training, the two began to grow closer and slowly develop a romantic relationship, which they remain in - for all its ups and downs.


Ten and his brother Tru were both born as inside jokes who developed personalities (and names) later on. Ten was originally Esjitu's response to littlegoten's character of Tru. While Tru - UTTF4L at the time - wrote bad Dragonball fanfiction, Ten (then-called UYF4E, or UltimateYaoiFan4Ever) instead wrote similarly bad fanfiction based on the IGNO universe. In short, Ten was originally a parody of Tru...who himself was an affectionate parody of Bradios in his younger days. Ten began life as a parody of a parody...

Finally, it was decided that he and his brother should become true characters - and so he was given the name 'Ten' to his brother's 'Tru', an homage to their origins on the TRUnks and GoTEN forums. Though UYF4E originally had no personality beyond the penname I attached to hilariously bad IGNO fanfiction, LG had established Tru as a sort of uppity little brat character. I decided Tru should be the opposite of that, and made him shy and timid, and very naive about the ways of the world. These tendencies have stayed with him even now that he's become an actual character, though he's gradually growing up and maturing out of his old ways - Inculdling His Old Wayz Of Tiping Liek A Idiote.

Skills: Ten was originally a kid without any particular skills in any areas, in or out of combat. However, since he began training with littlegoten in martial arts, he has developed a great deal of control over his Water element and general competency in self-defense. Physically on the weaker side, Ten prefers to employ his ranged elemental abilities instead. Though he does not yet know any magic, it is the most likely eventuality if he wishes to continue to grow strong.

Weaknesses: Ten is very poor at making his own decisions. If someone isn't around to tell him what to do, he finds himself very lost. He also hates being alone in general. Though he has been with his adopted family for 3 years, he still has a deep fear that he'll end up passed off to another family again, like in his foster days. Fortunately he has been maturing in this area recently, and was even able to spend 6 months in a foreign exchange homestay in The Outback away from his parents - though he was, admittedly, quite homesick.

Weapon/Combat Power of Choice: Ten had never had much reason to fight, and could probably not throw a punch if he wanted to. However, he has recently begun training - first with Azaran, then LG - to use both basic self-defense martial arts as well as to harness his innate control of the Water element. Though he has reached a level where he can control water at will, he has a powerful water staff that amplifies his abilities in situations where he truly does need to fight.

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