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 [Profile] His Neutralness, Bradios, Leader of the Neutral Nation
 Posted: May 11 2014, 09:02 AM
His Neutralness

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Brady or Brad
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NOTE: This character is currently undergoing significant changes to his backstory and other aspects. Please bear with this for now.


"My name is Bradios. I'm the result of a...science experiment."

Cyborg // 60-something // Male
Metal, Lightning // Bradios Banks // Neutral Balance
Height: 6'3"

Weight: 365 lbs of machinery and muscle

Figure/Build: Tall and muscular

Hair: Blue, unkempt yet neat

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Somewhat tanned. While some of his skin is his own, most of it has since been replaced with synthetic skin to cover over his machine parts.

Note: Brad still has a sense of touch, so I'm assuming he has some form of sensors hooked up to simulate nerve endings in the parts of his body that are no longer his? --SG2

Bradios was a 19-year old human before the procedure that turned him into a cyborg, thus he has not physically aged past this point and still looks like he's in his late teens to early 20's. The Scanner on his face is permanently attached, being that it's hooked into his brain, and thus cannot be removed. The shoulder pad he likes to wear on the other hand is merely an accessory, primarily for the purpose of protecting his shoulder cannon from being damaged.

Bradios is most often seen in casual clothing. His favorite is his tight-fitting black tanktop and baggy cargo pants.

Job: Overseer of Bradios Banks. Also a member of the boyband The Straight Experience where he is seen as the second most popular member.

Note: There's also that thing we discussed about how Brad uses singing as an outlet to help keep his brain circuits cool. Like this guy. --SG2

Favorite Color: Black

General Temperament:


[Bradios' tale will be told in greater detail in two short stories currently in the works. They will be linked here upon completion.]

Note: I'm just summing up the basic content of the short stories here so the profile isn't blank. When you get the chance to fine-tune the profile yourself, feel free to wipe out everything I've written and rewrite it in your own words!! --SG2

Originally an optimistic young man from The Outback named Bradley who joined the Outbackian Army during the war with The Empire some 40-odd years back. It didn't take long for the tall and lanky Bradley to realize that he was not cut out for boot camp, let alone the front lines. Still wanting to be useful, Bradley signed up as an experimental test subject for something codenamed "The Overman Project". He had no idea what he was getting himself into.

Through the Project, Bradley endured the incredibly painful transformation of his body and mind into a being half-man, half-machine - the titular 'Overman'. Apparently the Outbackian Army thought that such a creature was what they needed to turn the tide of war and defeat The Empire once and for all. What they didn't count on was that Bradley's new 'Warmachine Mode', coupled with his confused and terrified human brain, would go haywire amidst the chaos of battle and turn on anyone with a weapon, Outbackian and Empire alike. In this berserk state, Bradley tore a brutal, bloody path across the battlefield in his native Outback before storming the shores to the Empire itself.

With the help of Tim, who was a scientist on the Overman Project, Bradley was able to come to his senses somewhat and his human mind regained control of his mechanized body. However, the two were now stranded on Empire shore, in the thick of the action, and Konungur Bones was very determined to capture this Overman who had decimated so much of his army. Leaving Tim behind in a safe place, Bradley began to scour the shores for a route to get them to safety and evade capture, and in the process came across a long-abandoned, almost ancient-looking building of smooth Metal carved into the face of the cliffside. The gigantic Metal door seemed to beckon for Bradley to come inside, and so he did.

Inside this incredible sanctuary of ancient technology, Bradley came across a centuries-old system of sorts. When he interfaced with it, a mechanized voice called out inside his brain - identifying itself as the Arkios System, which had long awaited the one capable of awakening it. Bradley's very being was merged with the code of the Arkios System, and he was once again reborn for the first time in less than a week. Now christening himself by the new name of Bradios, the cyborg issued a single command to his new brain, merged with the system of the temple - to transport him somewhere safe, somewhere free from the chaos of the war.

Hearing his command, his new brain ripped the very land upon which the ancient temple stood out from the ground and high, high into the sky, floating directly above The Empire. Now with a new safe haven to call his own, Bradios decided he would build a true, Neutral Nation separate from the war-torn governments of The Outback and Empire, a place of refuge for those whose lives were torn apart by the senseless violence just like his was. And thus, His Neutralness Bradios began his days as the leader of the Neutral Nation...

Skills: Handy with machinery of any kind (being made up of over half of it gives you that sort of talent) and building/modifying weapons with the help of his Metal powers. His body was designed as a war machine, and even though he lives for the sake of Neutrality now he remains extremely skilled operating the heavy armory inside of him if the situation calls for it.

Weaknesses: Ice, Bleach, EMP's, Magic. As a creature of science Bradios fears the reality-warping powers of Magic and is terrified of fighting mages, even though realistically he would be plenty capable of fighting toe-to-toe with them. It's more of a mental weakness/phobia than a physical one. Ice mages are particularly terrifying because they CAN seriously hurt him...

Weapon/Combat Power of Choice: The arsenal inside his own body. However, he also carries a handgun with him that he's able to charge with plasma rounds from his original Lightning element.

Note: Since his brain is a computer, he's probably also really good at things like hacking, calculating, and all that other good stuff - not just hardware engineering, but software stuff too!! His brain is a database full of knowledge after all. --SG2

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