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 [Nation] Peeninsula
 Posted: Jun 1 2014, 10:30 PM
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Nation's Name: Peeninsula

Ruler: Kinda LG, he is the AmbASSador but really he doesn't rule the nation it is a counsel of people that rules it

Title As Ruler: AmbASSador

Ruling Style: Counsel

Alignment: Loose alignment with fuhrer Bones

Power Estimate: Strong Navy due to living on the coast and a mid sized army, but most money is not spent on military so not really sure... We're a peaceful nation the army and navy is just for show and protection from Sea Monsters

Geography/Landmass Description: It is a peninsula but it also has the PENIS desert and the PENIS isles under it's control.

  • PENIS Desert
    The PENIS desert is a wasteland that's only value comes from the minerals found in the caves, but due to the "things" living in the caves only LG has access to these minerals, but he shares like he did when he built the railroad in IGNO City.
  • Light House
    LG's house. Whn he fights in the part that actually has the light he is as strong as he is during the day.
  • PENIS Isles
    A tropical destination that caters mostly to hook ups and honeymoons. It is one of IGNOLand's top 10 tropical destinations.
  • Trailer Park
    This is where LG's Grandma lives, though she spends most of her time in the light house.
  • IGNO Railway
    The Peeninsula, so far, is one of the only nations that has the high speed rail system that LG made, of course it makes small stops at the countries on the way to the peeninsula but the railway goes all the way into Peninsula.
Imports/Exports: Metals from the desert and tourism.

Population: 5 million due to so much land being desert.

Racial Majority: Humans and old people

Currency: KOK
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