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 [NATION] IGNO City, Bustling metropolis and capitol city
 Posted: May 22 2014, 08:28 PM

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Nation's Name: IGNO City

Ruler: None; falls under the jurisdiction of the ruling party (currently Fuhrer Bones)

Power Estimate: IGNOLand’s capitol. While IGNO City has no political power of its own, it is the #1 location in IGNOLand for the arts, culture, and entertainment.

Geography/Landmass Description: Primarily flat, developed land. As IGNOLand's capitol city it is the most urbanized, with high-rise buildings as far as the eye can see. There are also minor pockets of 'suburbs' closer to the outer edges. Overall, despite the urban environment, IGNO City is well-maintained, with various scenic parks and fairgrounds.

  • The IGNO Line
    IGNOLand's railroad and subway system, paid for out of pocket by LG. As urban development in IGNO City is ever on the rise, there was a great need for convenient transportation to get you where you need to be throughout the city. Still under construction with plans to eventually lead to other nations across the mainland, as well.
  • IGNO University
    The foremost center of education in IGNOLand. It offers a vast selection of majors and specializations, sports, and after-school clubs. Only the most prestigious students many attend.
  • IGNO Courtroom
    The famous courthouse where IGNOLand’s most significant cases have been tried. It is an extremely large building that doubles as a Colosseum when the floor opens up, for cases that require extra legislation. Currently presided over by Judge Hamel.
  • Peach Out Homeslices
    The fairly new pizza parlor co-owned and operated by LG and SG2, it is nonetheless making a name for itself in the city for its famous Peach-Mango Pizza. We deliver!! Also now the only place to get IGNOLand's famous cheese soda, for which SG2 is the sole owner and copyright holder @#$% you xL
  • The Gas Station Next Door
    A gas station/convenience store located next door to...a lot of places. For this reason it is a convenient roadside stop, however it has a reputation for being seedy and a popular location for illicit activity. Currently owned and operated by xL.
  • The Club
    A 'trendy' spot where 'hip' young people 'get their groove on'. Features a large dance floor and live music, where popular DJs like DJ Jizzy LG, MC Sicknasty Soap (SG2) and even the infamous crimefighter Penguinman occasionally show up to spin the tunes.
  • IRC Studios
    The #1 radio and television station provider in IGNOLand. This is where LG's talk radio show, The Tingle Hour, as well as LG and SG2's morning show (featuring Wacky Intern MTS) are broadcast. On the television side, popular IGNOLand series' like The Trashy Talkshow and Black In The Closet are filmed on location. There are rumors that a new movie called Ship Wars is in the works as well, produced by IRC Studios.
  • IGNOLand Land
    This amusement park is a tourist favorite.
  • The IGNO Restaurant
    The only place in the world that stocks everyone’s favorite delicacy, Dolphin Eggs.
  • The IGNO Orchestra
    The prestigious Orchestra and Opera House, where IGNO patrons can watch numerous plays and shows.
  • The Underground Library
    A vast, secret library that has been hidden beneath IGNOLand for untold centuries, though the hidden entrance was only discovered recently. The collection of knowledge in here would take fathomless lifetimes to go through in its entirety. The Library presumably holds records on everyone in IGNOLand, as well as all significant events that have transpired in its history......
There are definitely more, and will be added to this list when I remember them all

Imports/Exports: IGNO City imports only what it needs to maintain its attractions (such as food for the restaurants), and exports only entertainment and education.

Population: High. While many of those who work in IGNO City commute from elsewhere (especially now that the railway is open), there are of course people who live in the city as well. A major chunk of the population lives in apartment buildings, but there are homes and condominiums on the outskirts of the city further away from the urban bustle. The population is steadily rising, which is, unfortunately, also leading to a recent increase in the local crime rate.

Racial Majority: IGNO City is a veritable melting pot of races from throughout all of IGNOLand.

Currency: IGNOLand uses the national standard of Kok (Ҟ), but tourists may get their money converted at Town Hall.
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