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 Posted: May 19 2014, 05:05 PM

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Before deciding to create your own nation in IGNOLand, it may be worth seeing if there's an existing nation established in our canon that you can move into (with the ruler's permission), or conquer a nation that has since been orphaned by an old member. This can help cut down on map clutter, and the unusual idea that most of the characters hang out around the Boneyard/IGNO City when they should have obligations leading their own nations.


The following nations have been abandoned by the members who created them and may be inhabited or even conquered freely on a first-come-first-served basis. If you're conquering a nation please post in this thread with the nation's current name, and if you are choosing to rename it (in the case of nations named for their previous rulers), and you'll be listed as its new ruler and given the freedom to post a new Nation thread to rebuild it in your image.

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  Note that things like geographical position, size, and features cannot be changed if you're claiming an existing nation. You are free to expand upon the environment and reshape the society in your own image, but bear in mind that landscapes don't magically change overnight (unless you are a magic user who has the ability to change a landscape overnight). If you're claiming an orphaned nation please add to, but try to change as little about that nation as possible. If you want complete freedom you're better off creating your own.


Anyone may live in these nations, but they may not be conquered.

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  • IGNO City (under the jurisdiction of Fuhrer Bones)
  • Australia (base of operations for The Neutral Rebellion, but not officially associated with them)
  • Anus Isles (more of a tourist destination/vacation spot, though you may choose to live there)
  • PENIS Desert (under the jurisdiction of LG, but largely uninhabited)
  • Magical Tunnels (intense retcon pending; a deep tunnel leading underground, cutting through the territory of the Dvergar (volcanic subspecies of Shrubbery Dwarf) and leading all the way down to the molten lands of the Fire Elementals, with a network of smaller tunnels branching throughout all of IGNOLand)
  • Ice Kingdom (no description on file; under the jurisdiction of Princess Enjoylov, a large nation existing in the vast northern Lands of Ice suitable only for those who can handle subzero temperatures)
  • Goat Mountain (no description on file; a region of the mountainous areas in IGNOLand inhabited by the mythical Flying Goats and their humanoid kin, the Goatlings)
  • Wayward Woodlands (no description on file; a mystical forest with strange properties that cause all but those with the most stalwart hearts to become inconceivably lost when venturing within; home to magical races such as elves and centaurs)


These nations are currently under the control of an active member and may only be inhabited with their permission. If you think it's a good fit for your character, just ask on their respective thread and you can discuss the terms.

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  Note that we're still in transition from our previous forum and not all our veteran members have reregistered yet (at the time of this writing many are just coming off a busy final exam period). For the sake of completeness anything on the map is going on this sheet for now - even if the members who rule those nations haven't yet registered on our new board. If they're here but have no sheet yet, a link will be provided to the Wordpress page for descriptions and interested parties can PM them. If they're not here yet, a link will be provided to PM me. If a member with a nation takes too long to register on the new board their nation will be listed as Orphaned and they'll have to fight any potential new ruler to conquer it should they return.
  • Blood Country (ruled by Karma; good place for vampires, werewolves, zombies, and other supernatural beings)
  • The Boneyard (ruled by Fuhrer Bones; adjacent to Blood Country and similarly more fit for undead and supernatural races than the living)
  • The Russell Roost (no description on file; ruled by BlackFenix; fiery nation atop a high cliff protected by a magical barrier unwelcome to non-wizardly types)
  • The Peeninsula (no description on file; ruled by LG; tropical peninsula off the coast of IGNOLand, adjacent to the Anus Isles)
  • Boob Gardens (no description on file; ruled by MTS; kingdom deep in the magical Wayward Woodlands)
  • SG2 Steppes (ruled by SG2; you have my permission to live here and work as a slave in my mines if you really want to ;) )
  • Bradios Banks (ruled by Bradios; a floating island in the skies above IGNOLand and a welcome place for androids, cyborgs, and other machines)
  • Toastopolis (described somewhat in xL's profile; a currently-wartorn island home to the Jizzanoids)

This thread will try to stay up-to-date. A complete revision of the current IGNOLand map is in the works as well.
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