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The Important Stuff
IGNOLand is a very laid-back community and we're generally pretty flexible about what you can do here. However, there are of course some basic rules and guidelines you're required to understand and follow in order to make the best of your time here. Here are some of the most important things we thought you should know before clicking that 'Register' button.


Please register as your character's preferred name. This could be their full name or a nickname, but it should be the name that other characters will use to refer to them most often. If your character has a last name (not required), please do NOT include this in the username, but on your character sheet/application ONLY.


Avatars 250x400. It is strongly suggested that your avatar depict your character - please be sure to read the PLAYBY GUIDE for more information. The image area in the miniprofile hover will accept any image size, but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you choose an image with a SQUARE ASPECT RATIO for best results. Rectangular images will be displayed in an oval shape and don't look as nice, but this is your discretion. This image need not be of your character. Gifs are allowed.


While most of the custom profile fields on the following page are not required for registration, it's highly recommended that you already have these details about your character in mind before signing up. Please be sure to read up on THE BESTIARY topics for your character race, and the ELEMENT GUIDE to choose your element. If you have a name you'd like to be called in out-of-character discussion, please also fill in an OOC NAME.


We have no word count or particular writing limitations with regard to style, tense, etc. We'd like our members to write however they are most comfortable, without feeling that they will be judged for not adhering to a particular standard. You may be as wordy or concise as you like, as detailed or as sparse. Past or present-tense, third-person, first-person, and even loose *asterisks for actions* styles are all free to coexist on this board. We only ask that you try to 'match' the style used in a particular topic for the sake of consistency - please read the TOPIC TAGGING GUIDE thread for more clarification.


We'd like to believe most of this stuff is common sense, but here are the basic rules of conduct spelled out in plain English.


In a perfect world, this would go without saying, but alas this world is not perfect and people often need to be reminded to respect their fellow members. Please refrain from using slurs or derogatory language regarding race/sexuality/religion/gender/sexual violence - we want this community to a welcome environment for everyone. Similarly, if you notice others behaving in this way, don't just report them - point it out, politely!! Believe it or not, people may sometimes say offensive things without realizing that they're being offensive at all, and being rude back to them doesn't help anyone. We can only learn from and correct our behaviour if we understand what we're doing wrong. This goes for the staff as well - I'm always learning new things that I never would have considered had I not seen them pointed out, and welcome the opportunity to grow. If you have any 'triggers' that you would like us to be aware of, please let us know in your introduction topic so we can be aware, and try to tag topics that may make you uncomfortable accordingly.


This forum is hosted for free by Jcink, so please respect their Terms of Service. Specifically, content above what would be considered a PG-13 level is not allowed. This means no graphic depictions of sex, drug use, extreme violence or torture, etc are allowed - if your character wishes to engage in any of that, keep it "offscreen" or "fade to black". This includes using the PM system and cbox, as they are part of the forum!! Note that innuendo and implications are perfectly acceptable, and in fact quite common. If you're unsure of how far you are allowed to take things, feel free to PM a staff member. Otherwise, a good guideline is that if you have to ask in the first place, you're better off avoiding it and playing it safe.

For reference's sake, here is a passage taken from the Jcink TOS:

The following Content is not allowed to be uploaded, emailed, posted, or linked to:

a. Hate, threats, harassment, violence, racial intolerance, or advocate against any individual, group, or organization
b. Hacking/Exploits/cracking Content
c. Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia
d. Pornography, Hentai, Child Pornography, adult, or mature Content
e. Gambling or casino-related Content
f. Any other Content that promotes, or is illegal activity, or infringes on the legal rights of others
g. Terrorist Activity
h. "Warez" software.
i. Any infringement of copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret or other intellectual property right

NOTE: IGNOLand now has a self-hosted forum for the express purpose of housing NSFW/adult in-character roleplay. Please PM SG2 or Tim if you would like an invite.


While we don't adhere to any particular writing style, we do expect you to be able to type with proper spelling and grammar. This means no 'wut r u guys up 2', no 'Hey Everyone How Are You Today', and no '1337h4xx0r 5p34k'. Almost all browsers and word processors have a built-in spellcheck function, so there is no excuse for 'obvious' mistakes. We understand that English is not everyone's native language, and aren't expecting our ESL-friends to be perfect, but please do your best to type coherently so that you are understood by all. Honestly, this rule is more against 'chat speak' or 'text speak' than a need for grammatical perfection - though your safety cannot be guaranteed if SG2 catches you mistaking 'your' and 'you're'.


This is the main reason why we're here, isn't it? As long as you can follow the above rules and maintain a good sense of humor, you should fit in well around here. Be sure you read the STARTER GUIDE for more information about our world and the character creation process, then go ahead and hit that Registration button!! We hope you will enjoy your stay in IGNOLand as much as we enjoy having you.


--SG2Tiger, IGNOLand Founder and Administrator