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 Posted: May 14 2014, 07:26 PM

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When we moved from Invisionfree to Zetaboards way back when, one of the first things I did during the board setup was replace the default smilies, because I didn't like the ZB style. What I ended up going with was basically the default Invisionfree style (the same defaults Jcink uses):


...except I animated them.

For better or worse, I animated all of them.

But 2008 was a long time ago...social networks still seemed like a passing fad, and smilies were still cool. So I sunk a lot of time into making a crapload of smilies in that chunky yellow style...that, for the most part, went largely unused in the time we were there. Aside from the ones that convert automatically from text emotes, like :) or XD, I don't think most people ever bothered clicking the little 'show all' button next to the smilies on the side of the post menu...or, like me, they tended to use Quick Reply more often and couldn't be bothered to learn the codes for 100-some odd smilies (though I had memorized a few).

So moving here the smilies weren't even something that crossed my mind at first. Uploading the smilies was always something I really hated because it was tedious and time-consuming (I had to do it a few times because I ran a couple boards at the time, and I felt the need for them all to have my smilies, apparently), so I wasn't too eager to do it here. I did eventually consider at least adding the most-used ones from the old board, but the more I looked at them the more I realized that having everything animate came off tacky and didn't really mesh with the classy style of our theme here...


...so the plan was to make a few new ones just for the basics...the :) 's and the XD 's and the D: 's and the >.> 's that people would be typing in naturally and not having to delve into a list to find the more obscure ones. I ended up going with a smaller style more similar to the default cbox ones (right down to being blue, though that was because I wanted them to match the board colors) and...then I ended up getting carried away and doing more than just 'the basics'.

A lot more.

It's still less than we had on ZB, and I think they all still have their usefulness - nothing super obscure here that no one would ever forseeably use. And I'm pretty happy with how they turned out!! I used Wooded-Wolf's starter pack for some inspiration and a few faces, but for the most part it's all custom. So check 'em out, and please - use them!! Unlike those chunky yellow monstrosities, these should look attractive on any skin we may have in the forseeable future, so don't be afraid to dip into the ones hidden under the 'show all' button.

And while there may be a few odd, IGNO-centric ones like :cheesy: and :kok100: and :gnome: , most of them should be useful in any given situation ;)

I even changed the 'post icons' you can add to new topics/replies that act as a sort of 'mood' feature, which I'd forgotten about because ZB didn't have it (IF did, but I never used them). So do it!! Go crazy!! LET'S BRING BACK SMILIES IN 2014!!

:D ^_^ XD :flirt: (◡‿◡✿) :hai: :nod: :P
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