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Alex. Calling me SG2 for OOC stuff is fine too. Freelance artist and general art and graphics hobbyist. I like my animu and mangoes, if you couldn't tell. My video games are my children. Also I like cats.

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Tim is currently working on his bio in the meantime enjoy some placeholder words like this and that and the other one and oh that's a pretty cool word too words words words words words

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My name is Julia, though you're welcome to call me Iris OOC if you'd like. When I'm not roleplaying I like to read, make jewelry, and eat chocolate.

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Princess Kaylin

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Birthday: 21 January 1987
Location: Burlington, Ma
Interests: Acting, roleplaying, tabletop, larping, gaming, costume design, sewing, monster making, Movies, television, Space, Time, blue telephone box, future, past, present, beyond, under the sea, in the sky, down under, across the world and back bla bla lots of things,
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