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 [ Nation] Faeland
 Posted: Jun 11 2014, 05:06 PM
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Nation's Name: Faeland ( named for the old, alternate spelling of fairy or faerie.)

Ruler: Faeland is a monarchy. ( my character isn't a part of the royal family but was originally from there, if anyone else wants to play the king you're welcome to.)

Title As Ruler: king of Faeland.

Ruling Style: It depends on their mood, for the most part he's in favor of the people.

Alignment: are somewhat allied with Fuhrer Bones.
Power Estimate: it has little to moderate influence, is not a major superpower in comparison to many of the other IGNOland nations.

Geography/Landmass Description: It is a small,forested area within the Wayward Woods.
  • The big apple core
    Located in town square, the big apple core is a 10 foot (3.048 meters) tall dried apple core that formed 346 years ago when the potion contest and the produce contest at the Spring Festival went a little haywire
  • The Elder's stone
    A stone monument with the names and handprints of figures important to Faeland's history.
  • Ye Olde shoe
    A popular local tavern designed to look like a boot,Ye Olde shoe, commonly just referred to as "the Shoe" by the locals is known for it's whiskey so strong that you will grow hair on your chest & a handlebar moustache.
  • Faeland's academy of magic
    ranked one of IGNOland's best magic schools, Faeland's academy of magic is where young fairies learn the basics of the craft.
  • The royal palace
    The royal palace is known for it's annual spring festival, featuring, music, food, and performances such as those by "Foxy in flight" a group of synchronised flying fairies.
Imports/Exports: Faeland's main industries are farming and potion making.

Population: unknown.
Racial Majority: fairies but, there are minorities like dwarfs and such.

Currency: Kok
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