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Posted by: Princess Kaylin Feb 18 2016, 09:18 AM
user posted image
So yeah its been a while in while as IM AN NPC or INACTIVE or something but cant even remember my log in stuff but bla.....

But yeah so as the page says....
A mysterious man of whom very little is known because he always hides behind a Guy Fawkes mask. So mysterious I don’t even know what to write for his blurb, here. He’s Phil. To those who knew him, ’nuff said. To those who didn’t, well……

Now lets rephrase this stuff.....

A mysterious man hmm well that is changing over time and we all kind of knew it.....

Very little is known.....masks....yeah thats right I hid behind masks and characters but most of you knew me back in fitch row....evil college of evilness....

nuff said.....hmmm

Kaylin pulls a frying pan out of no where and slaps the words across the ocean making it be a skipping stone.

There is never nuff said I am one of those annoying bleeding heart cheerleader jerks that gets in people's faces when they are wrong......AND DAMN IT THIS IS WRONG!!!!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME SG2 *Cough* Alex*cough* Nip tung......Sorry bit of necronomicon going on here...and forgot the words

If we walk to talk out of character or real life as many sadly know it I am a special effects artist that works on Monster design with latex and prosthetic work on contracts. Now sadly that never pays the bills well enough specially with diabetes, osteoporosis, lactose and tolerance, and the whole transgender I worked at Best buy for like ever...mostly security, cameras/camcorders and video games (uhg,,,,games)....then I worked at Hess for about a year ((thats right the crappy gas station that got bought out by speedway))....then shaws for like two years.....and now I am a mail carrier....

It's a thankless job
But somebody's got to do it
Penile issues inch by inch
spinnin' off the rubbers slow

Yeah intros are uh here is a copy and paste from my roll20 profile to unmask the mystery...

Name: Philip / Kaylin <----after a few years it will really be this.
Birthday: Jan 21st. (Not listing year) <---year is 1987
Age: Mid Twenties (okay this is more late twenties but damn it dont ask a girl her age)
Occupation: Works as a mailman / Costume and latex effects for movies.
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (Boston, Ma) <---see what I did there...I lied

Hi, My name is Philip. I am working full time and yes I do work off and on via contracts in the movie business. Most are television or indie works but Hollywood movies sometimes sign me on for prosthetic and latex works. I am an avid roleplayer who has been telling and playing in stories since I was around 7 years old. I do have a vast amount of roleplaying manuals and games at least three bookshelves full and several boxes. I am planning to become a female in the future and I do consider myself a girl, if you can not handle that then please do not make a comment and just walk away.

As most mothers always say on lame television shows, if you can't say anything right don't say anything at all.

#F660AB = Pink.....favorite color and my color for gaming on this site.

My Wiki Page is

My youtube accounts
Roll20 game account:
Random junk:

3DS Friend Codes:
My main: Kaylin = 2535-4441-7563
My 2nd system = April TMNT = 4442-1412-1617
My Zelda 3DS = Deedlit = 4571-1032-3302

I play MH3U / MH4U mostly on my 3DS systems.

Now lets get to some in character introduction.....

*coughs* Narrator Voice *Coughs*

user posted image

In a long distance land of ODD-TOPIA there was a beautiful maiden who ran the land under the rule of her crazy ruling parents.....she would put on masks to disguise her inner beauty as a hideous and disgusting beast known only as ODD!!!!!!!!!!!....The panning view you see looks like a stolen picture from Boston center on Google Maps but in reality it sadly is ....yup not going to pull your damn leg here...its a google map photo but that is what it would be is more of a modern medieval feel with tech...lets just go with that....but back to the story.....So under the disguise of Odd, The gentle chaotic Italian prince, She went off to Fitch Row where she learned how evil college departments can be seeing Education, nursing, and Business thrive while Theater, Film, and History plummeted into the sidewalk and pulled people left and right to steal an extra buck or shall we say fortunes. The pirates that ran that ship did help many but did harm many to the point where Kaylin could not stand it and started making propoganda films, speaking for what was wrong and literally dancing around in demonic masks and costumes..She also found a portal to IGNOland and posed as Odd there as well helping test mafia wars and cause chaos here and there from mortal combat to the king of burgers...Those years made her very bitter and with the death of her grandfather from the cancer demon...she became more of a snobby winchester similar to dean and drank her issues away in one fell swoop making many see a true gritty side of her cranky ass with the anger and verbal abuse she bottled up.

Now now I know this sounds like a sad tale....I mean she lost contact with many friends, family, and well some assholes that she has now blocked on facebook, phones, and even the dreaded youtube but she has risen up. She went to the all mighty powerful OZ ....his name was mr. really it was his name and he was a *cough* councilor *cough* Wise old man or we can claim wizard....he set her in her ways and showed her the path to happiness...she went off shouting to the hills *cough* Nope she just told her friends, the internet, her inner family and a few close close relatives... *cough*

Now she ventures off back to this mystical land known as IGNO....its a scary place since now removing her mask she is letting her feelings flow but that will not stop her from trying damn it.....Put happy intro tune here and lets roll this shit.

Posted by: Iris Feb 18 2016, 11:18 AM
Hi, Kaylin it's nice you meet you.

My name's Julia though you're welcome to call me Iris too. I joined a couple years ago so I'm still somewhat new.

There's been a lot of updates to IGNO in the past few years and the reason your old login didn't work was because when SG2 moved the site over to Jcink a a all the old, inactive accounts weren't transferred over because they weren't sure who was coming back and they wanted a fresh start, at least that's my understanding.

Correct me if I'm wrong, SG2.

If you want to make an app for Odd please post it in the to be approved.

If you have any questions feel free to PM SG2, me or leave a message in the Cbox.

Posted by: Esjitu Feb 18 2016, 11:39 AM
Iris is correct, we changed forums so all the old accounts are gone. Old board is still archived though, if you ever want to walk down memory lane.

Congrats, things seem to be going well!! I'm happy for you feeling confident enough to come out as transgender, and worry not about intolerance on IGNO because we're all here for you and anyone who isn't is not welcome here. So we can use female pronouns now, but you have Phil listed as an option for OOC name...mind if I stick with that just to avoid confusion with your character also being named Kaylin? Then again, I'm SG2 in and out of character, so eh, why not

That's a Hell of an intro I like the idea that Kaylin hid her true self behind masks and is only now coming into her true self, very nice. A Majora's Mask gimmick of using masks as powers could be interesting too. We should get you set up on the proper profile sheet though, as Iris said it's in the Dossier section (as is the template). I can remake your old sprite with a female form too, like the picture you posted - same ol' mask as the old days, huh?

Let us know if you need help with anything, a lot has changed since you were here last. We've tried to refine the roleplay aspects and downplay a lot of the random (though it'll always be a part of us...look at xL), and done a lot more worldbuilding in our fictional land (so no such thing as Fitchburg State, but I think that intro stuff can still work if it's refined a bit). Things may look pretty different, but deep down we're the same old IGNO, and it's good to have you back

PS: How's this for a new sprite?

user posted image or user posted image

Posted by: Princess Kaylin Feb 18 2016, 05:40 PM
I actually love both sprites...if we can use gifs then I would use both...also going to grow my hair out longer but had to cut it in may when I was applying for the post office

I always was water but thinking light for element and human for race. I do like the mask idea for abilities too I do own my own majoras mask now instead of my brothers but still need to start the game... never played it more than 5 mins

I did beat zelda 1 lasr week finally...already did that to link to the past way back and hyrule warriors I beat last month

Female or male are fine but yeah in two years it will be Kaylin once I am fully female and done with the surgery

Posted by: Esjitu Feb 18 2016, 06:57 PM
Element-wise I would strongly suggest Water, we literally only have a single character with that as their primary element right now (contrast about 3 with Light). Besides, Light is supposed to be a 'special' sort of element, and I feel like we're hitting an awful lot of people having it for what should be at least uncommon. Water and Ice are both lesser-used elements that could be nice to have more of.

Definitely play Majora's Mask, I'm currently playing the 3DS version actually. I think it'd be a cool power gimmick, maybe not outright TRANSFORMATION masks (like Link's Deku/Goron/Zora masks) but just special masks that give you unique abilities or augment your skills would be interesting to see.

You also don't have to force the whole backstory from the old days into your history (though I got a laugh reading it), something as simple as the fact that Kaylin came to IGNOLand years ago masquerading as Odd and then disappeared before returning as her true self would be enough, keeps the connection to the old days while also not contradicting the various changes that IGNOLand has undergone in recent years (we actually just retconned out a lot of stuff, so for the time being the simpler the better when it comes to referencing the past).

I'll try to adjust to female pronouns, but at least I know it's cool if I slip up just because it's how I'm used to addressing you

Posted by: Princess Kaylin Feb 18 2016, 08:31 PM
So I got an idea / suggestion if you are okay with it....if we go with the masks maybe I have no elemental powers....

The masks contain one specific set of powers from one element and they are all the common ones.....that way I can heal people and what not.

The fire element mask could keep me special powers other than heating myself.....

The water element mask can help me heal people .

The wind mask could make me very agile

and the Earth mask could be the guy fox mask could just be earth touch...

If not I might just go with water or wind depending on which one is the lowest number we have of active members.

Also was thinking I could still use the Odd char as a disguise for rp situations since yeah if its power masks she would change outfits when she put on the mask....hence the guy fox mask makes her look like the image you already have my old account as.

ideas for the looks of each mask

user posted image

user posted image
user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

here are a few images what my char can look like when not wearing her masks
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

here are a bunch of ones i made using the anime char I use to represent me ..... still have not been able to find that image ever again nor what show it was from

Posted by: Esjitu Feb 19 2016, 12:29 AM
I hate to shut the idea down so quickly since you've clearly put some thought into it, but I'd rather avoid the elemental masks business. Until the recent retcon (November), my character's gimmick was basically being the IGNOLand Avatar - the only one who could use all the elements (The RAINBOW). However, I thought that made me a bit too mary sue special snowflake and needlessly overpowered, and ultimately made the hard decision to completely revamp my character and give myself a normal element like everyone else. I feel like allowing someone else the power to control all the elements - even if it did require a catalyst like masks - would be a step backwards, and personally I would rather avoid it.

Ignoring the element aspect, though, there's nothing wrong with many of your ideas. A mask that gives you a speed boost, for instance, doesn't need to have an inherent connection to elemental power. There are totally ways to make use of mask buffs to boost your stats so to speak, without actually changing your element (water is the least used, BTW).

I do also like the idea of the outfit and general appearance changing depending on the mask, and having the ol' Guy Fawkes mask and the form from your old sprite just being one of many. Kaylin now has the confidence to be who she is, WITHOUT the masks, in front of her friends, but that doesn't mean she won't use the masks in battle or general situations. She'd be a good Master of Disguise that way, being able to change her height, weight, sex, etc depending on the mask, which would be a good way to sneak past enemy defenses or just troll the shit out of her friends!!

Food for thought, how does she carry around all these masks? Does she have a bigass backpack like Majora's Mask's Happy Mask Salesman, or does she keep them in hammerspace?

Posted by: Princess Kaylin Feb 19 2016, 12:33 AM
Would say hammer space kind of like Dino Capsules....I pictured her being from a Dragon Ball type universe....also not sure if I would want to have any elements if I had to then water would be the way to go but like the idea that the masks give her powers...kind of a magic girl type char.

made some gifs btw

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Posted by: Esjitu Feb 19 2016, 12:38 AM
Everyone in IGNOLand is born with an element, but it doesn't mean you have to use it at all. If you read the, it's also like a personality chart/horoscope, so you can simply pick which one you think defines her personality best and be one of the types of people who just never bothers manipulating their element at all, instead relying on her masks.

Magical Girl would be perfect, each mask could have its own flashy transformation sequence

Posted by: Princess Kaylin Feb 19 2016, 12:54 AM
if we are going by personality guess earth even though I am very athletic irl as you know.

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