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Posted by: SG2Tiger Apr 10 2014, 11:35 PM

NOTE: This character is currently undergoing significant changes to her backstory and other aspects. Please bear with this for now.

Esjitu (SG2)

The Tiger in a Tiger Suit

Tiger-Shifter // Unknown // Genderfluid
Fire, Earth // IGNO City // Low Balance
Height: Approx. 3 ft / 91.44 cm in tiger form (has a bit of a complex about that); 6' 2'' / 187.96 cm in human form.

Weight: 50.5 lbs / 22.9 kg in tiger form; 176 lbs / 79.83 kg in human form

Figure/Build: In tiger form, SG2 is stout and bipedal, and seemingly has no neck and generally cartoonish proportions; she almost has the appearance of a walking stuffed animal more than an actual tiger. In human form, Tiger is tall and wiry.

Hair: Orange. In tiger form, it is marked all over by black stripes. Tiger's human-form hair is short and spiky, with a bit of excess length in the back, and a prominent

Eyes: Black. In tiger form they are devoid of any kind of shine.

Skin: Averagely tanned. Seemingly pink in tiger form, if the inside coloration of her ears is an indication.
Job: Co-owner and head operator of Peach Out Homeslices, a popular pizzeria in IGNO City. Her partner, LG, mostly handles the behind-the-scenes aspects of owning and maintaining a restaurant, while SG2 actively works in the shop itself, making pizzas and serving customers. Her duties have lessened somewhat recently now that she has a full staff of employees, such as Julian. Since most of them are college students from the nearby university working part-time, however, she still likes to be present so there's someone more experienced to manage them.

SG2 was previously involved in another business venture with LG as the co-host on his popular late-night radio program, The Tingle Hour. However, when LG began to focus more on other fields in the entertainment business (namely, his television show and boyband activities), The Tingle Hour shifted to a new schedule and more serious format which left SG2's co-host duties (primarily playing wacky sound-effects) feeling somewhat out of place. While she still makes the occasional guest appearances on the program, this job is more or less considered to be in the past.

Finally, SG2 is a close friend and personal advisor to Konungur Bones, and an official member of his trusted Pantry. Bones often delegates what he considers to be 'menial tasks' related to IGNO City to SG2's care, so her particular duties change from day to day depending on His Majesty's mood. Nonetheless, SG2's face is pretty well-known around the city for being sent to clean up after Bones' various messes, and she holds a reasonable degree of respect among its population.

All claims that SG2 has a private island where she enslaves unexpecting tourists and forces them to toil away in her mines are unsubstanciated and, quite frankly, rude. Please stop asking about it, it's absolutely not true. Really.

Personality: Arrogant, stubborn, cocky, violent, short-fused, curious, short attention span, forgetful. Acts without thinking and tries to solve most problems with violence. Somewhat competitive, sore loser. Pretends to be smarter than actually is - is not convincing.

Esjitu is a particularly strange member of the Beast-Shifter race, and has the ability to 'shift' between a humanoid form and a more animalistic form. In Esjitu's case, however, the gender changes across the two forms of the shift. In tiger form, Esjitu - SG2 as nickname, but in the case of this profile used to identify the tiger form specifically - is technically without a definitive sex, but uses she/her pronouns and is considered for all intents and purposes female. However, Esjitu's human form - known as Tiger - is that of a young man.

To make matters more confusing, none of SG2's friends are aware that 'Tiger' is the same person as SG2, due to the obvious lack of physical resemblance. He tried to remedy this by wearing a personally-tailored suit designed to look like his tiger form...and it did work, to some degree. Now, whenever Tiger wears the suit with the hood up, people recognize him as SG2...but apparently the suit is just that realistic, as they seem to have no idea that she has taken on a human, male form, and is only wearing clothing that resembles her tiger state. The height difference alone you'd think would tip them off, but...well, it's proven a convenient way for Esjitu to live a double life.

Note: Please go read profile for a better example of my writing and worldbuilding, SG2 is kind of a mess right now asjkzgsdgsd --SG2

OOC TIME: I'll cut straight to the point. IGNOLand's old and convoluted backstory was retconned away in November of 2015 in an effort to be more newbie-friendly, without the need to memorize so much history that had been building up for years across two previous forum hosts. It was agreed that, in the long run, this was for the best, and ultimately beneficial not only for newcomers but old members as well to have a chance to tweak aspects of their characters that had previously been dependent on a lot of other canon. While the effect this revamp has had on most characters is miniscule, there are a few who have been hit harder than others - SG2 being one of them most prominent examples.

In the previous backstory, SG2 was a key figure, in which she used her mysterious and unexplained Mary Sue-tier powers to effectively shape the very world of IGNOLand as we know it. She was ageless - having lived for untold centuries - and as a being made from the pure energy of The RAINBOW itself she possessed the power of all the elements, effectively being the IGNOLand equivalent of (which was pointless anyway since she only ever used Earth powers and was seemingly unaware that she even had this ability, having yet to 'unlock' the other elements). It was just...a mess. And SG2 was only a fraction of that mess, so you can see why the decision to erase the old history was made.

Now, while the old backstory was wiped, things true in the 'present' were untouched - character relationships, overall personalities, jobs, events that have happened since coming to Jcink - all remain intact. To completely wipe our characters and start from zero was, naturally, something no one wanted to do, so the decision was to simply rework the elements dependent on the old history. The problem for SG2 is that her entire backstory hinged on the tale of how she was created from the Big Bad's energy merged with The RAINBOW (which is basically IGNOLand's equivalent of God). Without it, there's really nothing left to the past but a blank slate I have yet to take the time to fill, and likely won't for some time yet, as there are more pressing changes that need to be made to the site in the aftermath of this big retcon.

So basically, SG2 has no past, no family, no information about where she came from or what she did before coming to IGNO City or even how long she's been alive, on record. And not in the 'oh so mysterious' way, because - as I said - I simply haven't gotten around to sitting down and trying to come up with an answer to all those questions that's not just as confusing and messed up as the very history we've just scrapped. For all intents and purposes, though, it matters very little to the understanding of the character, since SG2 is fortunately very straightforward. Here's all you need to know:

Esjitu - SG2 for short - is a strange creature considered to be an odd breed of Beast-Shifter, who has the power to change between a small, bipedal tiger into a human male. 90% of the time SG2 is to be considered 'female', and use she/her pronouns, though the tiger form is, for all intents and purposes, sexless. The only time the character should be considered male is when explicitly identified by the name 'Tiger', taking on the form seen in my avatar. If I used an avatar of the tiger form this would be much less confusing, I know, but I like that drawing. Basically, any time the human 'Tiger' shows up it will be made clear, so otherwise just stick to female pronouns.

In any case, SG2 lives in an apartment in IGNO City, where she works at the popular pizza joint Peace Out Homeslices. She's also known to perform various odd jobs for Konungur Bones at his whims, and what these duties entail can vary wildly from law enforcement to picking up his dry-cleaning. Due to her connections with such a powerful figure, SG2 has made numerous friends in high places over the years, and is connected to virtually everyone worth knowing in IGNO City. Please don't ask her for tickets to the next Straight Experience concert, though - she doesn't have that kind of clout!! Still, if you're new to the city, chances are you'll meet her sooner or later. Don't be afraid, she won't bite - just don't look down on her for her stature and unusual appearance, because her skills when she's angry are not to be underestimated.

Skills: Fighting. SG2 has no knack for magic whatsoever, so any use of her elemental powers is purely physical. Her primary use of the Fire element is to snap her fingers and light a single target ablaze (with concentration she can expand the range, but is generally best not pushing herself), or to simply ignite her own body and just...charge the enemy head-on. And fight them. While on fire. Naturally, this is not always the wisest strategy, and can prove particularly dangerous when performed near anything particularly flammable (read: everywhere). And though she rarely uses her Earth abilities in combat, SG2 is known for tunneling underground to get from place to place, rather than having to fuss with things like planes and buses. She's always very careful not to dig too deep so as not to branch into the deep, subterranean cities of the Gnomes - they're a lot more troublesome than simply hailing a cab.

Though SG2's ability to transform into the human Tiger is considered an inherent racial ability, it does have its limitations. The form takes a tremendous amount of energy to maintain, and she cannot remain in it for longer than 24 straight hours (once the time is up, she'll simply revert back to her natural form, regardless of where she is or what she's doing). She can revert back at will any given time before the limit has passed, naturally. However, whether she has spent 24 hours or 24 minutes in human form, the 'cooldown' timer remains the same - 12 hours. Until 12 hours have passed, she will be unable to take human form again, and her general energy will be significantly depleted, making her less effective in all forms of combat and physical exersion until 12 hours have passed. As such, it's not the most practical ability for constant use, and she tries to choose her moments for becoming Tiger carefully. That said, there have been many cases of her transforming out of frustration at being unable to reach an item on a high shelf, or something similarly inconsequential, only to regret the strain it puts on her body later...

Weaknesses: Though she can be tough as nails when determined enough, SG2 has a very low tolerance for pain and can be incapacitated rather easily because of this. She is also very childish and quick to act without thinking, which tends to make many of her actions backfire. SG2 is quite gullible and it is fairly easy to fool her, so those who can't overcome her with brute force can typically best her in a game of wits. Finally, being as small as she is, you can pretty much just pick her up and toss her out of the way without too much trouble.

Weapon/Combat Power of Choice: SG2 is oddly proficient with nearly any weapon - even if it’s something she’s never used before. Admittedly, this may be a result of her tendency to improvise, whether she's using the weapon 'the right way' or not. Her true love, however, will always be the humble chainsaw.

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