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 Posted: May 10 2014, 12:24 AM

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I thought it would be a good idea to explain this feature of the jcink forums to y'all - particularly older members, since Zetaboards didn't have anything like this.

Basically this feature was designed specifically for roleplayers, because let's face it - not everyone wants to just run one and only one character, right? IGNO has just sorta evolved that way, because our online personas took shape as fictional characters representing 'us'. But who's to say each member can't have more than one character living in IGNOLand? Our number of characters doesn't need to be limited by our number of members.

So here's how it works. If you want to make another character, register them as a new account first (many of us had 'troll accounts' on zetaboards, so this part should be familiar enough). Set up their profile like you normally would.

Then, from your main account, go to My Controls and find Edit sub-accounts on the side. Under link an existing account just log in with the username and password of your secondary account. Now you'll be able to switch between the accounts on the fly from your control bar - no logging out/logging in or (as I do) opening a private browser tab to use a secondary account!!

You can currently have up to five sub-accounts. I can increase or decrease this limit, but I think 5 feels about right.


If you don't think you have the time or energy to maintain your default character and a second, third, etc, then you're better off not trying right now. It'd kinda suck to create a new and interesting character, introduce them into IGNOLand, and then neglect them (or favor them and neglect your default). Of course sometimes unexpected things happen...Real Life might strike and make it too difficult for you to juggle more than one, or you might decide you dislike the character after playing them for a while. That's okay!! In cases like that, just try and find a way to write the character out temporarily so their absence can be explained. Or if you really hate them, you can always kill them off. This is IGNOLand - if you change your mind down the line I'm sure we have ways of reviving them (with a catch...like, maybe Karma brings them back undead for you). But overall this feature is probably not for everybody. If you think you can dedicate yourself to multiple characters, however, please check this feature out - I think there's some cool potential here!!
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