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 Learning to Love You, [3rd][Closed] Flashback AzaTen
 Posted: Jun 4 2017, 12:22 PM
Sub-Account: LG

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Ice N/A

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tagged: Ten

Azaran always hated when he had to have a check-in with his "pal". Every time the guy tried to seem like he was Azaran's best friend. While he didn't think the principal was a bad man, he just didn't like the special attention he was given.

When Azaran walked into the office the principal greeted him with the usual dopey smile that haunted him.

"Yo, Azzy, come take a seat," the principal head doing a 'cool' hand motion, "I have great news for you."

"What are you inviting me to another special principals lunch? I told you I prefer to eat alone," Azaran told the man with an apathetic look on his face.

"No, I actually pulled some strings and made it so you can be done with school. Though you really should consider that lunch sometime."

"Wait, what!?"

Azaran was shocked. Did he actually just hear what he thought he heard? Could this man that he thought was out to get him actually have helped him?

"Well I looked into those exams you took and you're at the level you need to be to graduate so I thought I could help my bud out."

"Wow, thank you so much sir."

"Word up, my homizzle. It's a shame though that you wont be staying," the principal said with a sigh, "with your grades you could qualify for our free IGNO University package."

"What do you mean," Azaran questioned not hearing of this before.

"You see students who finish top of their class from the high school are able to continue onto the University for free. It is a way for us to keep the freshest, smartest, hip dudes around," the man explained.

Though that sounded nice to Azaran he couldn't keep wasting time here. Out on the streets he could actually help people, but here he was just hanging out with mostly rich brats... and Ten.

Thinking about Ten made Azaran's heart sink. He couldn't help but question why his heart was sinking. In the last 3 month he started to really care about his young pupil. The thought of not seeing him made Azaran feel uneasy.

"What about my tutoring job?"

"Well, that boy's teachers have told me that he has improved quite a bit, both emotionally and academically," the principal replied with a smile on his face, "that is the main reason I looked into this for you. You went above and beyond what you needed to do."

The pair sat in silence for a moment, Azaran processing the whole situation before finally saying, "Thank you sir, I appreciate this."

"Of course, you can always count on me mang," the principal grinned, "So tonight be sure to let that boy know that it will be your final tutoring session."

"Y-yeah, I'll be sure to tell him," Azaran smile as he stood up.

"Oh and Azzy," the man stopped him, "if you change your mind you're welcome to come back."

Azaran said nothing as he walked out. There was no way he would want to go back to high school.


During the day Azaran rationalized to himself that Ten would be fine. The kid was getting better grades and did seem happier than when they started the tutoring. In fact, Azaran was sure Ten wouldn't even care, he didn't need a tutor anymore. Still Azaran felt uneasy as he started the session.

During tutoring Azaran couldn't help but smile every time Ten gave him that goofy grin. While he would miss that he couldn't just stay at school for that. As they wrapped up the final assignment Ten had for that day Azaran decided to break the news.

"Ten, I have something to tell you," he paused the other boy giving him a questioning look, "Today is our last tutoring session, we don't have to do this anymore."

notes: n/a

 Posted: Jun 20 2017, 06:03 PM
Sub-Account: SG2

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Water N/A

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tagged: Azaran

Ten had been doing great lately. His grades had gone up, and with them, his self-esteem and positivity. He hadn't run into his bullies ever since Azaran saved him that day, either - and since he's started to carry himself more confidently ever since, he still hadn't seen any sign of Caleb and the other bullies. Despite his reluctance when this tutoring started, Ten had to admit that his parents made the right decision by setting him up with Azaran.

..."setting him up". Those words made Ten's stomach feel a little odd, for some reason. He shook his head and forced it back into his workbook as Azaran sat silently by his side. Actually, he'd be rather quiet for the entire session today, which wasn't like him. Normally he'd be instructing Ten on the sorts of problems he ought to focus on, mildly condescending but still careful in his duties as a tutor. Yet, for the past hour of their session, he'd only sat in silence, nodding along here and there, uttering the occasional 'good job'...it felt as though his mind had been elsewhere.

Just as Ten opened his mouth hesitantly, having worked up the nerve to ask what was wrong - Azaran spoke.

Today is our last tutoring session.

We don't have to do this anymore.

Ten's blood ran cold. His entire body felt like ice - and it wasn't because of the natural chill Azaran's Ice element tinged the air with wherever he went. The clockwork that was Ten's body had stopped winding, as though a foreign object had become lodged between the gears at the sound of those words. Ten was speechless for a long moment...and Azaran continued to speak.

He told Ten about the meeting he'd had earlier, with the principal. Apparently the only reason Azaran was attending high school here in the first place was because IGNO City didn't recognize his education from Normount, rendering him unable to get a paying job until he'd passed his basic courses. Azaran had taken the job as a tutor as a means of earning extra credit to earn his high school diploma as quickly as possible...and it seemed that the school board had recognized his efforts. This was to be his reward - to be able to quit school and enter the work force, despite his young age. This was what Azaran had wanted all along - it was only natural that he'd want to take it.

More silence. Azaran had refused to make eye contact with Ten the entire time, staring at the clock on the wall, or at the floor, while he spoke. Finally, he turned to face Ten with a sympathetic look on his face, but to Ten it felt hollow. A cursory gesture to let Ten know there'd be 'no hard feelings' before he left, no doubt. Before he could speak his next words, Ten cut him off.

"That's great.", he said, trying his best to force an optimistic tone. "I'm really happy for you."

Ten knew he wasn't fooling anyone. The look on Azaran's face only confirmed that further, as he moved to interject.

Ten didn't allow that, either.

"Look at the time...my parents are taking me out for dinner tonight to celebrate my report card. I told them I'd be home early, and since I finished my workbook", he said, slamming the soft-cover book closed and slipping it into his backpack with a flourish, "I ought to be getting back now."

Ten slung the strap of the heavy bag over one shoulder, carrying his jacket in the other hand - he couldn't be bothered to put it on. As he made for the door, he paused, the hand grasping for the knob falling back to his side. Without turning back, he uttered the final words he'd ever speak to the winged boy.

"...best of luck for your future."

Ten didn't slam the door behind him - he left it hanging open, punctuating the void left behind in his heart.

notes: time for homo drama

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