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Alex. Calling me SG2 for OOC stuff is fine too. Freelance artist and general art and graphics hobbyist. I like my animu and mangoes, if you couldn't tell. My video games are my children. Also I like cats.

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My name is Julia, though you're welcome to call me Iris OOC if you'd like. When I'm not roleplaying I like to read, make jewelry, and eat chocolate.

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 ...Where am I?, [3rd][Closed] character introduction
 Posted: Apr 12 2015, 06:49 PM
Curious God

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XEN had to admit, this ship was pretty damn fancy. He hadn't really had the chance to enjoy luxuries such as this since he had come to this strange world. In the eight years he had spent here, he lived off of the land and pulled his own weight with the Chichandian natives. While the place had quite the abundance of fruits and veggies, there was a distinct lack of meats and other treats like chips.

...Though there was some great alcohol. He sat down next to Karma, remembering how she wanted to speak with him earlier. After listening to the rather... interesting order, XEN decided he may as well get comfy. "I'll have some assorted nuts, and the finest stout you have in a chilled glass."

With that, he turned to Karma. "So, you said you wanted to talk?"
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