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 [RESOURCE] Nation Sheet
 Posted: Apr 9 2014, 08:27 PM

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Creating new nations is currently OFF-LIMITS to all but staff and those with the staff's permission. If you have an idea for a new nation, please post in the Landmass Suggestion Thread. This sheet will remain pinned for use as a template by those who have permission to use it.


Everyone in IGNOLand has a nation. This can be the home where they grew up or the plot they conquered and rule over with an iron fist fluffy hugs. Whatever the case, this location will be added to the official IGNOLand Map and a potential area for events to take place.

NOTE: The map link should be automatically updated when new changes are made. If you don't see the changes, you may need to clear your browser cache.

Note that if you would rather not have your own nation, but instead live in an existing area, you must A) have the permission of the member that nation belongs to (having them post in your character profile saying they grant permission is fine) and B) just specify this in the NATION section on your profile.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO POST A NEW TOPIC IN THIS SUBFORUM IF YOU'RE LIVING IN SOMEONE ELSE'S NATION - this sheet is only necessary for new nation applications.

Descriptions of each profile field inside the spoiler.

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Nation's Name: Often alliterative (ex. SG2 Steppes, Russell Roost, Cumtastic Cliff), though not necessarily. Try to avoid [charactername]Land if at all possible.

Ruler: Whosoever ruleth the land.

Title As Ruler: Ex. King/Queen, Lord/Lady, Czar, Baron, Captain, etc. Due to iconic status, please do not use kaiser or fuhrer.

Ruling Style: Are you a benevolent ruler who puts your people first? A tyrannical dictator who rules with absolute power? Does it depend on whether you're having a good or bad day?

Alignment: Allied with or against Fuhrer Bones? Were you born with a heart full of neutrality? Where would you stand if war were declared?

Power Estimate: In the scope of the entirety of IGNOLand, where does your nation stand in terms of power and influence?

Geography/Landmass Description: What's the terrain like? Is there a dominant biome (forest, plains, mountain, etc) or a variety of them? If noteworthy, the typical climate and weather patterns of your nation may go here as well.

  • Landmark 1
  • Landmark 2
  • And So On
    And So Forth
Imports/Exports: Is your nation perhaps known for a particular crop or product that may be coveted elsewhere? Are there things you can't easily get your hands on that have to be shipped from outside the nation?

Population: Roughly how many people, if any, live in your nation? What's life basically like for them? How's tourism?

Racial Majority: Are the people in your nation of particular races/species? This may be the same as, or different than, your own race.

Currency: IGNOLand's national standard currency is Kok (Ҟ), but nations may prefer to use their own monetary systems as well.

[b]Nation's Name:[/b]


[b]Title As Ruler:[/b]

[b]Ruling Style:[/b]


[b]Power Estimate:[/b]

[b]Geography/Landmass Description:[/b]

[list][*]Landmark Name Here
Description Here
As needed[/list]



[b]Racial Majority:[/b]


Simply copy the above code and paste it into a new topic with the prefix [Nation] in the title, and your nation's name.
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