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 [!] Getting Started, Newbies, read this first!!
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Welcome to IGNOLand!! If you're reading this, chances are you've already poked around a bit and are a little confused as to where to begin. Don't feel bad - we're a bit unusual compared to how most roleplaying communities operate!! This guide aims to help smooth things over a bit and help you get started creating a character and beginning your adventures in our wacky world.


It's recommended, but not mandatory, that your username is your character's name or something similar to it. There is a field in the profile to include a name you'd prefer to be called during out-of-character discussions. Avatars are 200x300. You can also have a secondary picture (a favorite gif or whathaveyou) that appears when your avatar is hovered over, which is 150x100. The other aspects of your user profile will be explained further on in this guide, and can be left blank during registration and filled in later.


Before you get too caught up in creating a character, you're strongly, strongly, strongly recommended you read up on the following topics:

IGNOLand Elements

Moral Alignments


[For more detailed information on why we don't do faceclaims, and the IGNO sprite process, see this topic]

Something we do differently here than the typical RP community is that we don't use faceclaims for our characters. In general we have a very anime-esque look, primarily as a result of my personal art style. If you must use a faceclaim from an existing anime character (particularly if you'd like to repurpose an existing character you may already have) it is still strongly encouraged you make minor changes to give them a unique design, even if it's as simple as a change of hair and eye color. Alternatively, the more artistically inclined are highly encouraged to draw their character concept!!

While we value originality and creativity above the use of existing characters, we're aware that not everyone can simply pick up a pen and sketch the vision in their head. This is why the main tool we use for character designs is the TekTek Dream Avatar Creator. While this tool is designed for Gaia Online, the availability of hundreds of different hairstyles, body types, clothing options and weapons make it extremely useful for those who don't want to feel limited simply because they don't believe themselves 'good at drawing'. I'll confess that even I have fallen back on this tool numerous times in the past for help in my own character designs - so 'drawing ability' is not the only factor. I personally recommend TekTek because of the huge variety of items to choose from.

As of March 24th, 2015, TekTek has been shut down. Please see this topic for a list of alternative resources to help design your character.

And bear in mind that whatever design you land on by using these tools is ultimately a guideline. You may have noticed from the signatures and cbox icons that each member has their own custom character sprite - once you reach 50 posts, you will earn one for yourself!!


So, you have an idea of what you want your character to look like, what's next?

One of the most unique things about IGNOLand is that you needn't choose between a handful of races or force your character into a certain boundary in order to fit the universe - you can be pretty much anything you want, here!! If you've ever had a really oddball character concept in the past that's been difficult to fit into other roleplay settings, or if you haven't even started thinking about what you want to be yet but just want the freedom to go crazy...this is where your creativity can truly shine.

You can view the Bestiary to get a feel for the sorts of characters our members have created in the past, draw from existing pools of fantasy creatures (elves, dwarves, centaurs, mermaids - many of which are already in said bestiary), or pull out some more obscure concepts from mythology - or your own imagination!! If you find yourself truly stuck, we also have a Character Adoptions andSuggestions thread where our members throw out ideas they would like to see, or share pre-created designs for use.

With that in mind, you're ready to fill out your profile sheet. There's no application process here - just throw up your profile and get started at your leisure!! I personally check over the profiles to make sure there's nothing problematic (there rarely is), and you're free to ask questions if you get stuck, but for the most part the ball is in your court here.



IGNOLand is a fantasy world with its own unique geography and a variety of places, both discovered and unknown. While certain areas are associated with particular character races, for the most part you can pick an area that suits you the most to call your homeland. Craft your own backstory around that, what life was like for you growing up there, etc. And if for some reason none of the existing territories suit your needs, you may create a new nation to inhabit - simply shoot me a PM and we can hash out what it is you want and whereabouts it would best fit on the map (either as part of the mainland or an island/continent off the coast).


So you've gone over all the recommended reading, worked out your character's appearance, filled in their profile and even settled on a place to call home in IGNOLand. Congratulations - you're ready to dive in!! If you're not sure where to start, you have a few options. First, let us get to know a bit about your OOC self behind the keyboard by posting an introduction!! If you want to formally RP an introduction for your character, head over to the Guild Hall and make a new topic or join one of the existing campaigns. If you'd rather just dive head-first into the nonsense, hop by the Pizza Joint for some casual in-character discussion, or just chill with us in the cbo (where in-character and OOC tend to blur together)!! Get started however you feel like - we want your time here to be as comfortable as possible.

That's about it, I think!! If you have any questions or comments, by all means, shoot me a PM or call me out in the cbox. If anyone thinks I should add to, or edit sections in this thread, feel free to reply with any suggestions.
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