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Alex. Calling me SG2 for OOC stuff is fine too. Freelance artist and general art and graphics hobbyist. I like my animu and mangoes, if you couldn't tell. My video games are my children. Also I like cats.

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 [Profile] Iris Gingersnap
 Posted: May 22 2014, 09:20 PM
Feisty Fairy

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Iris Gingersnap

The Feisty Fairy

Fairy // 102 // Female
Lightning // Faeland // Neutral Balance
Height: 4'8'' (142.24 cm) which is considered unusually tall for a fairy

Weight: ?

Figure/Build: thin, slightly muscular almost like a gymnast.

Hair: pink, usually wears it in a braid.

Eyes: Brown.

Skin: has pale, light skin, wings like a butterfly's. likes to wear modest old somewhat fashioned looking clothing though between that and her height Iris looks younger in comparison to some of the other IGNOites.

Due to the long lifespan of fairies, Iris' 102 years are roughly equivalent to a human 18-year old in both appearance and general maturity.

Job: Was a baker at one point when she first came to the city, followed by a few brief odd jobs. Now, works as a wardrobe designer on the TV show "LG's Jacuzzi".

Favorite Color: Pink

Personality: Generally sweet and happy, always willing to help others out but can have a temper, is somewhat insecure, timid, and tends to act awkward in intimate, sexual / romantic situations.

Iris is the daughter of the owners of a local tavern in Faeland. After graduating from the Faeland Academy of magic she decided to, against the will of her parents, leave the wayward woods because she didn't just want to be a small town barkeep. She has recently moved to IGNO City and is still adjusting to her new life there, having gone through many jobs, but she has finally begun to make some friends.
Skills: baking, designing clothes, playing the banjo, and sneezing sparkly pink magical mucus when her alergies act up

Weaknesses: because she's a fairy she can get severely burned by Metal. also has allergies which causes her to sneeze sparkly pink mucus that cause objects to change shape and form when they come in contact. These allergies have a frequent ability to impede Iris' spellcasting and cause havoc.

Weapon/Combat Power of Choice: a giant spatula and magic.

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